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Breakfast Fundraiser

Thank you to those who attended and who have shown their support with their prayers!

Be a part of the mission of the Sacred Heart!

We want to make the convent a place of encountering the love of God for everyone who comes.

By completing the restoration of the second wing (ministry area), we will be able to welcome many more souls into the convent to experience the transforming love of the Sacred Heart.

Join us in this important project! 


Contribute to the project

We invite you to prayerfully consider supporting the restoration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Convent.
Your ‘yes’ is a very important part of God’s plan to remind many more people and families of His great love for each one of us.

Donations can be made with a credit card, check, and PayPal.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Convent Chapel

Join our

prayer campaign!

Sacred Heart of Jesus,

we give you thanks
for your never-ending love
and generosity that is being poured out on us.
You have called us
to respond to your great plans
with the gift of our lives.
May we always be faithful to You,
especially in the project
of your convent.
We pray for all the spiritual fruits
that You desire to come from it,
and for more vocations,
so that more women
will love and serve You wholeheartedly.
Trusting in the intercession of our Mother,
we ask for your grace;
may we always grow in our love
and desire for You.
We ask this so that Christ may reign,
so that His Heart may reign.

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